How Can I Stop Athlete’s Foot

Q: What can I do to treat or avoid getting athlete’s foot?

A: Athlete's foot is a skin disease caused by a fungus that most commonly attacks the feet because shoes create a warm, dark and moist environment that encourages fungus growth. The warmth and dampness found in showers and locker rooms can also be a breeding ground.

If you get athlete’s foot, there are many anti-fungal treatments available over the counter. Active anti-fungal ingredients such as miconazole nitrate or tolnaftate are common among sprays and ointments available at your pharmacy.

You can help prevent athlete's foot by practicing good foot hygiene and taking these steps:

  • Wash feet daily with soap and water, drying them carefully, especially between the toes.

  • Avoid walking barefoot in wet and warm places. Use shower shoes in public showers.

  • Reduce perspiration by using an over-the- counter foot powder.

  • Wear light and airy shoes.

  • Change shoes and socks regularly to decrease moisture.

  • Wear synthetic-blend socks that wick away moisture and change them frequently if you perspire heavily.

Source: American Podiatric Medical Association