Lift Chairs

Our lift chairs can provide a smooth, quiet and secure lifting system that can greatly increase your quality of life.

Newhard Pharmacy offers a variety of lift chairs designed to provide you with increased mobility and to improve your quality of life. Our lift chairs have a powered lifting mechanism that pushes the entire chair up from its base, which allows the user to easily move to a standing position. These lift chairs offer comfort and reliability at a price that you can afford. Sometimes the best part of sitting down, is being able to easily and comfortably stand back up.


A Perfect Fit Every Time!

Golden Technologies takes all the worry out of purchasing a lift chair. Their expert craftsmen blend the finest components with superior designs to provide you with the utmost quality, comfort and style. Additionally, they confidently stand behind all of their products and provide you with the best warranties in the industry. Choose the lift chair that all others are measured against… choose Golden at Newhard Pharmacy!

Our dedicated staff will answer any questions you have, and help decide which chair is right for you. Experience the essence of luxury in every area from beautiful fabric choices to robust lift mechanisms.

All Golden Technologies lift chairs are proudly made in the USA.

America’s #1 Makers of Power Lift Chairs and Patented Power Recliners. With five series and dozens of models to choose from, you’ll find the right combination.

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