Make Thanksgiving Less Stressful with This Handy Checklist

For those of us who are “in charge” of putting together the Thanksgiving feast, one of the biggest causes of stress is the fear that we’ll forget something. Not this year! Use our checklist to make sure you’re good to go, right down to the last cranberry. 

Thanksgiving Checklist

Three weeks ahead:

  • Clean oven, fridge, freezer

  • Invite guests

  • Order your fresh turkey, if pre-ordering

  • Plan menu

  • Plan decorations and purchase if needed

Two weeks ahead:

  • Confirm what dishes guests will bring

  • Check kitchen supplies

One week ahead:

  • Buy wine and other beverages

  • Prepare shopping list

  • Re-arrange furniture to fit in extra chairs, a table leaf, etc.

Five days ahead:

  • Shop for non-perishables and frozen turkey, if using

  • Clean common areas of the house

Three days ahead:

  • Make pies

  • Start to defrost turkey in refrigerator

  • Create cooking schedule

  • Decorate

Two days ahead:

  • Shop for perishables

  • Chop vegetables

Day before:

  • Buy fresh flowers

  • Set table

Thanksgiving Day

  • Use your cooking schedule to stay on course

  • Enlist family members or friends to help

  • Enjoy the day with family and friends!