Help Kids Enjoy Halloween While Managing Diabetes

Halloween is often a difficult time for families dealing with diabetes. How can you let your child participate in all of the activities without sending his blood-glucose levels soaring? Try these tips.

  • Treats don’t have to be sweets. Encourage neighbors to pass out other goodies for Halloween, such as stickers, small toys, books, etc.

  • Offer to “buy” your child’s candy back. Allow them to use the money for a small toy or a book.

  • Modify your idea of Halloween. Focus on creatively decorating your house, your yard, your pumpkin, etc. Look for local activities such as haunted hayrides.

  • Eat only the best. Have your child pick her favorite pieces of candy and let her enjoy them in the days following Halloween. Use it as an opportunity to show her how to cover her carbohydrates with insulin.

  • Share with others. Consider donating your extra treats to a food bank or homeless shelter.

Source: University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital