Making Family Fitness Fun!

Let’s face it, kids love TV, video games and sedentary activities. The key is to get them to love fitness and movement, too. True, it’s pretty hard to get a kid interested in a treadmill. But there are many other ways to stay active while having fun. Try these tips and start becoming more active as a family. Your kids will soon catch the fitness bug!

  • Do some (fun) research as a family. Find ways to get active by looking online for ideas or finding books at the library on sports and other activities. (In fact, taking a family walk to the library is a great way to get started.) Your kids may read about ice skating and want to give it a try. They may see a kids' yoga video online and think that looks like fun. All kids have different interests. Ask yours what they think sounds like fun.

  • Educate.Kids need to know, from an early age, that exercise is good for their health and that you value being active yourself. Make fitness a fun team project. Get the family involved in activities you can do together. Go for a walk after dinner. Ride bikes in the neighborhood. Visit an indoor pool at your local YMCA or community center to show your kids that swimming is fun year-round.

  • Establish a habit.It may take a week or so to get used to it, but make fitness a part of your family’s life in some way most days of every week. Just like brushing their teeth every day, your kids will soon come to see fitness as a regular everyday part of their lives. Enjoy!

Anisha Bhadla