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Preventing Dehydration

Seniors can be more at risk for dehydration because they naturally have a lower volume of water in their bodies, compared with younger adults, and they may have conditions or take medications that increase their risk of dehydration, according to the Mayo Clinic. This means that even minor illnesses, such as infections affecting the lungs or bladder, can result in dehydration in older adults.

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What Does a Geriatrician Do?

Our bodies change over time, and our healthcare needs to adapt with us. Geriatrics is the medical specialty focused on the high-quality, person-centered care we all need as we age. This care aims to improve health, independence and quality of life for older people.

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Everyday Activities Can Help Boost Gray Matter as You Age

Higher levels of lifestyle physical activity, such as house cleaning, walking a dog and gardening, as well as traditional exercise activities, are associated with more gray matter in the brains of older adults, according to a study by researchers at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center.The Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences recently published the study’s findings.

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