John J. Pavis, RPh


University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy, 1991

John J. Pavis became the sole owner of Newhard Pharmacy on February 24, 2015 – exactly 46 years to the day that his father and his partner purchased Newhard Pharmacy. John has brought a wide variety of experience to Newhard Pharmacy. He fulfilled his 4 year commitment to the US Army, thanks to his ROTC Full Scholarship, as a Pharmacist in the US Army at Fort Bragg, NC. He then moved to Colorado as a retail pharmacist, returning to PA in 1999 to join Newhard Pharmacy as a pharmacist manager.

He is an active member of Lehigh Valley Pharmacy Association and Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association as well as a licensed immunization administrator. His passion in pharmacy is immunizations and he willingly goes to companies to give on-site shots to ensure everyone is protected.

John and his wife Deborah have three sons, Henry, Charlie and George. John spends his free time coaching his son’s teams as well as leading their Boy Scout Troop. He is an avid Philadelphia sports fan and enjoys working out, snowboarding, golf, and watching live music.

Tony Kapinas Newhard Pharmacy (1).jpg

Tony Kapinas, RPh

Temple University College of Pharmacy, 1978

Our longest serving pharmacist, Tony has been with Newhard Pharmacy most of his career. He joined Newhard Pharmacy in 1981 and currently is the Retail Pharmacy Manager. Tony is an active member of Lehigh Valley Pharmacy Association and Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association as well as a licensed immunization administrator. Additionally, Tony is a PCCA certified Compounding Specialist and loves preparing specialized ointments and creams, particularly for pets.


Tony and his wife, Jane have a daughter, Kristie and a son, Tony. Tony is an avid hunter, a passionate baseball fan and Giants football fan.

Kyle Zehner Newhard Pharmacy.jpg

Kyle Zehner, RPh

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science 1996

Kyle joined Newhard Pharmacy in 2003 after several years of specializing in retail pharmacy for a chain store. In 2008, Kyle was promoted to the Long Term Care Pharmacy Manager. Kyle is an active member of Lehigh Valley Pharmacy Association and Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association as well as a licensed immunization administrator. His passion in pharmacy is long term care, he loves being able to monthly review his patients medication profiles ensuring they are compliant with their doctor’s orders.

Kyle and his wife Jennifer have a son, Hunter. Kyle enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, baseball and time with his son.

Alison Undercoffler Newhard Pharmacy.jpg

Alison Undercoffler, RPh Pharm D

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science, 2006

Newhard Pharmacy welcomed Alison to the staff in 2009, from an institutional pharmacy in Philadelphia. She was excited to venture into retail and long term care to round out her experience. She is a licensed immunization administrator and is always investigating new specialties within the profession. Her passion in pharmacy is controlling addictive medications. She works closely with physicians, patients and caretakers to ensure addictive medications are taken as prescribed, as infrequently as possible.

Alison and her husband TJ enjoy their country farm life, caring for their horses as well as traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Rick Snyder Newhard Pharmacy.jpg

Rick Snyder, RPh

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science, 1980

Rick was welcomed to Newhard Pharmacy in 2014 having spent the majority of his career working in retail pharmacy, primarily with major chain stores. He has been the Pharmacy Manager of several of those stores. He was excited to join an independent pharmacy in his hometown. He currently works in both our Long Term Care and retail pharmacy departments, and is a licensed immunization administrator. His passion in pharmacy is keeping current on medications, always reviewing newly launched generics and new medications ensuring we have the latest and greatest available for our customers.

Rick and his wife Judy have two sons, Ryan and Matthew. He is an active member of College Hill Moravian Church in Bethlehem and enjoys all major sports, a variety of foods, summer trips to the beach, and spending time with his family.

Charlie Wolfangle Newhard Pharmacy.jpg

Charlie Wolfangle, RPh

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy & Science, 1969

Charlie joined Newhard Pharmacy in 2005 as a part-time pharmacist but has become such a part of the family, he is too passionate to fully retire. During
Charlie's career, he has been a retail pharmacist, a long-term care pharmacist as well as 11 years as a resident pharmacist at Gracedale County Home in Nazareth, PA. He is also a licensed immunization administrator. Charlie’s passion in pharmacy is the people he serves, he loves caring for patients and helping them live their best lives.

Charlie has a daughter, Jill, and three grandsons, Tyler, Preston and Chance to whom he devotes most of his spare time. He is an avid record and CD collector, especially passionate about Motown. He also enjoys gardening and swimming.


Keith Del Prete, RPh

Temple University School of Pharmacy, 1979

Keith owned two pharmacies in the Lehigh Valley from 1981 until 2009.  He has been a compounding specialist since 1995.  During that time he developed a passion for Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy which he has been consulting patients and health care practitioners since 2005.  Keith developed and launched a topical muscle relaxer, Cramp911, nationally in 2009 and continues developing new products.

Keith and his wife Barbara have two sons, Sean and Corey.  Keith enjoys spending time with his family, working around his property and trips to Florida.

Joyce Kostenbader, RPH

University of Colorado School of Pharmacy, 1997

Joyce has managed pharmacies in both the retail and long term care sectors. Her passion is medical advocacy, especially in the geriatric population. She desires to keep people healthy through preventive care and proactive measures and specializes in performing Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. She is also registered by Merck as a Conversation Map facilitator which focuses on diabetes education.

Joyce and her husband Dan have two children, Kylie and Ethan. In her spare time Joyce enjoys cycling and international travel. She also serves as volunteer tax preparer for AARP.