4 Tips for Staying Active Over the Winter Holidays

We typically eat more and exercise less during the holidays. Try these four tips for fitting in more physical activity.

1. Take the stairs.In one minute, a 150-pound person burns about 10 calories walking upstairs and only 1.5 calories riding an elevator, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

2. Find trails and tracks before you travel.Check with your host or hotel for recommendations on local places to safely walk or run.

3. Clean your house for the holidays. Set aside several hours and REALLY clean. Bending, squatting, running up and down stairs, standing while folding and putting away laundry, etc. all burn calories.

4. Find a holiday fun run. There’s usually a small fee and they’re open to everyone from runners to people who meander along the trail with friends. They are usually 5K runs (3.1 miles). Invite your friends and plan on an outing with coffee or a healthy meal together afterward. You’ll feel better physically and mentally.

Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

FitnessMegan Dreher