Enjoy Delicious Produce and Save $$ by Shopping with the Season

It’s possible to fit healthy vegetables and fruits into even a tight grocery budget. There are many low-cost ways to meet your produce needs. Try these tips. 

  • Celebrate the season. Buy produce in season. It’s easy to get, more flavorful and usually less expensive. Your local farmer’s market is a great source.

  • Buy small amounts frequently. Some fresh vegetables and fruits don’t last long. Buy small amounts more often to ensure you can eat them without throwing any away.

  • Buy vegetables and fruits in their simplest form. Pre-cut, pre-washed, ready-to- eat and processed fruits and veggies are convenient, but often cost much more than when purchased in their basic forms.

  • Grow your own.  Start a garden — in the yard or in a pot on the deck — for fresh, inexpensive, flavorful additions to meals. Herbs, cucumbers, peppers or tomatoes are good options for beginners. Browse through your local library or online for more information on starting a garden.

Source: ChooseMyPlate.gov