Immunization Update — Keeping Good Records

When it comes to your child’s immunizations, good record keeping is important, says the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Copies are often needed for enrollment in childcare, school or summer camp.

You can get an immunization tracking card from your child’s doctor or from your state health department to keep a record of your child’s vaccines. Just like you keep track of your baby’s milestones as she grows, bring your record to each visit with her doctor. Ask the doctor or nurse to record each vaccine given on your child’s immunization record. The name of the vaccine, date, dosage and doctor’s name/clinic name should be included.

Some schools keep on file the immunization records of children who attended. However, schools generally keep these records for only a year or two after the student graduates, transfers to another school or leaves the school system. After a student leaves the school system, schools send records to storage and they may not be able to access them. So keeping good records yourself is always a good idea.

ImmunizationsMegan Dreher