Making Time for Your Mental and Physical Health

Your family depends on you, and you likely put them first, right? But taking care of yourself is the first step toward being about to be there for your family.

Staying mentally healthy starts with physical health. By eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep, you can help maintain your good mental health. Remember, you don't automatically have good mental health just because you don't have a mental- health illness. You have to work to keep your mind, and your outlook on life, healthy.

Your diet can have a direct effect on your energy level, physical health and mood. A healthy diet contains foods from all of the basic food groups, provides the right number of calories to maintain a healthy weight, and does not have too much fat, sugar, salt or alcohol.

Regular exercise can help reduce anxiety and make you feel so much better as you go about your day. Take time today to do the good things for yourself that you do for your family. It’s a win-win plan.

Source: Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services